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louis vuitton outlet njaie sdsq 15.10.2014 15:23 Even more investment, then there is the prospect of profits, [url=]coach outlet[/url] do not ! Qin Yang discourse categorically can even be said to be some tough talk, people come all the way investors conduct site visits, [url=]coach outlet online[/url] a first-come, first putting the stick, restrained by the other party, made ​​their own bottom line, which in fact most Chinese people 's eyes, it would be somewhat rude. People are not stupid, Hsien Italy, which is one of the ability of business people, Qin Yang mean, that is not welcome polluting enterprises, which is normal, and now some developed coastal areas, mostly 've noticed this, but for other places, then still in the primitive stage of capital craving, considered by many to do business with only the investment, even at the change in the interests of the environment, of resources for capital, that is, economic Jiang Huai developed provinces may also only a few medium-sized cities began to realize it, made ​​some measures to protect the environment, however, this is in the Huai River in north central province of Anyi County actually think we need to protect the environment, and do not care about the capital performance of the acquisition, which is quite difficult.
However, we all know, that is said and done is done, and if there really so fond of Anyi County leaders of the project, we say they are also refusing to go out it will invest, the crowd heard this, did not say anything, just left, speaking to him, as a representative of the country's well-known enterprises, people still have some pride thing. Unexpectedly, Qin Yang has not been some convergence, but further red ( bare ) ( bare ) The proposed raises another point: because this consideration, [url=]coach factory outlet[/url] Anyi County will begin a restructuring of the industry, will some of the original polluting enterprises shut down, some of the industrial structure does not comply with coach outlet online transferred and diversion.
The first group of investors led on behalf of the characters naturally raised the question: I do not know, qin said referring to the adjustment of industrial structure which some companies are ah, if so, you can go directly to [url=]coach factory[/url] ah. Qin Yang looked at the man, from the data obtained information indicating that this is a private entrepreneur started in the northwest, called Longao days, the main project is the development of real estate and catering services, whether it is real estate or restaurants services, the light has the money capital, it is completely useless, must ultimately the relationship on the right, that is mean, this man quite closely to the northwest off home, but I do not know whether it is being shut Xuebin command and come to revenge his own, and Qin Yang smiled and said : originally, this plan is not, but in the trade fair went, came back, coach outlet online know, just know that the introduction of capital blindly, without regard to the future, is greatly intolerable, so coach outlet online formulated a series of reforms, and the reason why, come on, we will pick out these topics, that just do not want to stir up more unnecessary trouble.

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